Ellen Gorzelany

Born 1964 in M�nsterland, Germany and grown up in the eastern Ruhr river area and Sauerland.

1986 - 1991 Training and studies of graphics and marketing in Wuppertal and Essen.

Gorzelany lives in the Ruhr metropolis Essen.


- "Louvre" in Hagen, 1988, 1989
- Privatgalerie in M�lheim, 1993
- Spinnen e.V. in Essen, 1996
- CHILD society in D�sseldorf, 1997
- Kulturzentrum Grend, Essen, 1997, 1998, 1999
- Krupp Hospital, 25 th Aniversary 2005
- Essener Kunstspur 2007
- Kulturfenster Essen 2009
- Auction "Art supports children" Round Table 26 Essen, 2009
- Kulturfenster Essen 2010
- "wohnf�hltage", Haus am Quall, Haan-Gruiten, 2010 und 2011
- Atelierhaus Alte Schule in Essen, 2007 - 2015

About my work

In my pictures I deal, amongst other things, with the polarity between nature and modern civilisation. Thereby I weave learnt graphic and artistic techniques with my intuition. During this creative process I try to symbolically work out general and personal themes. The main focus of my work is to be found in the interaction between human and other forms of existance.

Ideas and picture content originate in my phantasy and are normally created without model or paragon. Portraits occasionally make an exception. All motifs are copyrighted and sometimes notarial protected.

The materials that I use are with high quality pigmentation, light resistant and stable.